Primary Care Access

70% of patients who need behavioral health services are reachable through their primary care physicians. We start there.

Our cloud-based portals and collaboration tools connect providers to psychiatry specialists who can help them manage their patients in the primary care setting.

The Trayt Primary Care Platform:

  • Facilitates the full collaboration continuum from triage, to consultation, to clinical treatment recommendations, to automated follow-up and analytics for program reporting

  • Leverages Trayt’s first-of-its-kind multifactorial data platform, which provides higher precision measurement-based care by incorporating ongoing patient-reported symptoms along with validated standardized measures

  • Builds a 360-degree view of each patient, ensuring all providers have access to the same patient data

  • Manages referrals in cases where patients need to transition to direct treatment from the psychiatrist

Our Results

Early Intervention

95% of patients treated through the primary care access platform are managed effectively in primary care without needing to be referred to psychiatry.

Improved Long-term Patient Outcomes

Patients who are hospitalized for a mental health condition are 70% more likely to be hospitalized again for a medical condition. Treating more patients in the primary care setting improves patients’ long-term trajectory.

Reduced Community Burden on Psychiatry

Consult-severity measurements demonstrate that, over time, primary care providers are becoming increasingly effective at managing early cases on their own.

Better Measurement-Based Care

Combining granular, between-visit data with validated standardized measures results in a much higher precision framework to track treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Better Diagnosis and Treatment

The Trayt data platform maps more than 750 symptoms and factors that affect neuropsychiatric health. The technology helps clinicians improve diagnosis and treatment plans by connecting symptoms that may appear unrelated but ultimately prove to be significant. 

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