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School-Based Access

The Trayt school-based access platform facilitates care for patients who need direct psychiatric intervention.

Leveraging telemedicine and telehealth, Trayt enables psychiatric crisis management, which is especially critical in areas where access to behavioral health services is limited. Providers and school counselors initiate referrals for patients, who then receive a series of crisis interventions until they are deemed stable.

Using this technology, statewide behavioral health programs are successfully de-escalating crises before they become emergencies. This platform can also be used for longer term chronic care management.

Our End-to-End Solution:

  • Manages the entire workflow from referral, to data collection, to collaboration and intervention, to analytics and reporting
  • Reduces the ER burden by intervening earlier to keep patients out of the hospital

  • Leverages Trayt’s first-of-its-kind multifactorial data platform, which provides higher precision measurement-based care by incorporating ongoing patient-reported symptoms along with validated standardized measures

  • Collects real-time data through a patient-facing application, where patients record symptoms, complete cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) logs, and share documents with their providers

  • Builds a 360-degree, holistic view of each patient that helps providers make more informed diagnoses and formulate more effective treatment plans; the patient’s entire history and status are communicated to the psychiatrist before an intervention

  • Facilitates collaboration and consultation with other providers in the patient’s ecosystem

Our Results

Less Depression

In early evaluation, 74% of patients treated for crisis management through the platform showed significant improvement in their signs of depression.

Improved Patient Outcomes

ER calls are declining. Trayt-supported programs are seeing a 40% de-escalation of emergency cases.

Better Measurement-Based Care

Combining granular, between-visit data with validated standardized measures results in a much higher precision framework to track treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Better Diagnosis and Treatment

The Trayt data platform maps more than 750 symptoms and factors that affect neuropsychiatric health. The technology helps clinicians improve diagnosis and treatment plans by connecting symptoms that may appear unrelated but ultimately prove to be significant. 

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