Nick Coleman, VP of Engineering at Trayt Health

Nick Coleman

VP, Engineering


Trayt Health welcomes Nick Coleman to its leadership team as Vice President of Engineering, a position responsible for the development and delivery of its suite of software solutions.

Nick’s background in software runs both broad and deep in many areas: he started a company out of college and moved on to SaaS multi-tenant dot-com work later.  After a career related to automotive and logistics-related software, Nick relocated to the Research Triangle of North Carolina and discovered the need and real connection between healthcare and technology, leading him to consultation roles on innovation projects for Blue Cross of North Carolina..  Most recently, Nick served as Chief Technology Officer for the healthcare software company Hummingbird Health Project in Durham, NC. 

Nick received a BS in Management Information Systems from DeVry University and completed undergraduate work in computer science at Michigan State University. He resides in North Carolina. Fun fact: before the Internet took off, Nick wrote his own operating system in high school on an Intel i386 processor.