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Our analytics and clinical support platform for statewide mental health access programs:

  • Expands access to care
  • Unites the entire care ecosystem onto one collaboration platform
  • Facilitates more effective diagnosis and treatment
  • Connects disparate behavioral health institutions across the state

Psychiatry Access Solutions for Community, State, and Federal Programs

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Trayt’s Multifactorial Data Platform

Our flexible, cloud-based applications support all types of collaboration—referrals, telehealth, consults—connecting the ecosystem of providers and caregivers around each patient to the behavioral health resources they so desperately need.

It’s all built on a multifactorial data platform that provides the industry’s only 360-degree personalized view of the patient. Our early results are astounding: In some communities, we’ve seen a 74% reduction in reported rates of depression.

How is Trayt Different?

Trayt’s technology solutions incorporate multifactorial symptoms and environmental factors, continuously collected from patients and caregivers through a symptom-reporting patient app.

Measurement Based-Care

We combine this granular, between-visit data with validated standardized measures. The result is a much higher precision framework to track treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.


Access For All

We’ve broadened the definition of “access,” breaking down silos and making it much simpler to provide care for the entire community. Our applications enable both provider-to-provider consultation and provider-to-patient intervention, so programs can scale and evolve to meet the needs of clinicians and patients in all types of settings.

A Body-Mind Connection

Trayt is the first technology to address the interplay across the brain and body. Our approach creates a common data platform that maps more than 750 symptoms and factors that affect neuropsychiatric health. The technology helps clinicians improve diagnosis and treatment plans by connecting symptoms that may appear unrelated but ultimately prove to be significant.


Patient-and-Clinician Centered

Trayt is an end-to-end, outcomes-focused application, which means we not only streamline administrative and clinical workflows, but we also measurably impact patient progress. We’re evaluating program effectiveness by how much depression rates are declining in a community, in addition to how many patients were referred using our tools.

Smarter Insights + Coordinated Care Means Better Health Outcomes

cases managed at first point of contact in primary care
reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits through direct intervention
cases with measurable improvement in assessed depression outcomes
reduction in cost of care

“Trayt is the holy grail. It completely changes the way we understand and care for patients.”
—Executive Director & Chief of Psychiatry, Texas

Collaborators + Clinical Partners

At Trayt, we are committed to transforming how mental health is diagnosed, treated, and managed. It’s a bold goal and one we can’t tackle alone. We are grateful to the contributions and collaboration of partners and programs at thought-leading institutions nationwide who have helped inform and validate our solutions.

We are also proud to work with the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium in implementing innovative new child and adolescent and maternal mental health intervention programs in collaboration with health-related institutions of higher education across the state of Texas.

Child Psychiatry Access Network
Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine

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