Trayt talks Techquity at ViVE 2023

Trayt.Health is a proud sponsor of the Techquity Impact program at ViVE 2023, the healthcare industry’s premier event for digital health and the business of healthcare systems. As healthcare marches toward full digitization, integrating health equity considerations into technology and data practices – or techquity – is increasingly important to reducing outcomes disparities and systemic inequities. The practice of techquity is also essential to diversifying innovation, developing a representative workforce and equitable employment policies, which in turn will result in a healthcare system that works better for everyone.

Trayt.Health took the ViVE stage on Tuesday, March 28, for the session “Blueprint for a Successful Mental Health Access Program” presented by Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium medical director Dr. Laurel Williams and Trayt CEO Malekeh Amini. The session explored the impact the Consortium has had on the health of Texans and how digital health is playing a key role in shaping that success.

More than 60% of children with major depression do not receive any treatment. While states grapple with how to expand access, the TCMHCC has built a standardized, statewide primary care and school-based access program that connects the entire care ecosystem. With early results showing measurable improvement in outcomes for both adolescent and maternal mental health, the Consortium is now celebrated as a model for the rest of the country. Dr. Williams and Ms. Amini shared how other healthcare executives and leaders can learn from Texas’ approach when implementing their own programmatic and patient-first approaches to access, equity, and measurable patient outcomes.

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